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DateNov 30, 2017
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In this series of lectures Rabbi Alon Anava is covering the Topic of Chanukah. There are lecture covering the laws of Chanukah (Halacha), lectures about Kaballah and mysticism, stories and history.


Section 1Lectures
Lecture 1Light up the world this ChanukahFree Preview

Light up the world this Chanukah

Lecture 2The secret for jumping to the next level - 47:39
Lecture 3Were we really victorious over the Greeks? - 1:15:12
Lecture 4The secret of the hidden light - 43:27
Lecture 5So what is the conclusion? - 19:59
Lecture 6What does G-d really want from us? - 59:35
Lecture 7Zot Chanuka - Winning the Yetzer Harah - 1:17:40
Lecture 830 minutes of light - 25:21
Lecture 9Fighting klipat Noga - 1:07:34
Lecture 10The war with Yavan (Greece) - Then and today - 1:08:15
Section 2Halacha
Lecture 11 Hilchot (Oral laws) of Chanukah - 1:08:23
Lecture 12Hilchot (Oral laws) of Chanukah - 59:43
Lecture 13Hilchot (Oral laws) of Chanukah - 44:11
Section 3History & Stories
Lecture 14History of Chanukah - 1:07:45Free Preview

The history of Chanuka – By Liora Meier – 1:07:45

Lecture 15It's all about unity - 57:15
Lecture 16The Ten (10) things we can achieve on Chanukah - 26:51
Lecture 17Why a pitcher of oil? - 50:19