TypeOnline Course
DateSep 1, 2017
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Emuna (Faith) and Bitachon (Confidence)

A series of lectures to help us build and strengthen our faith in G-d and our trust and confidence in G-d)


Section 1Build your Emuna (Faith) - 52:17Free Preview

Build your Emuna (Faith) – 52:17

Section 2Can you give a Knockout? - 37:12
Section 3Learn from your mistakes - 38:22
Section 4Use your inner power the right way - 19:37
Section 5The secret of strengthening your Bitachon in G-d - 39:37
Section 6What's the purpose of life? - 1:18:22
Section 7Seeing the good in everything - 45:35
Section 8Does G-d consider my opinion? - 50:09
Section 9Does G-d listen to our prayers? - 43:07
Section 10Dealing with life's challenges - 1:24:36
Section 11Light up your candle (Your soul) - 34:19
Section 12How to stay focused on G-d in hard times - 47:44
Section 13Let G-d deal with your problems - 1:06:08