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DateDec 24, 2017
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The full guide of how to do real Teshuvah

In this in-depth course Rabbi Alon Anava is covering the topic of Teshuvah (Repentance) with information you can not find anywhere else. With 18 years of experience with Teshuvah, Rabbi Anava is delivering every bit of info for you to learn, use and apply to make sure your Teshuvah process is as perfect as it can be to prepare you for the world to come (Olam Habah)


Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1What is Teshuvah - 33:27Free Preview

How to do Teshuvah – Class #1 – 33:27

What is Teshuvah – In this first class of this series, Rabbi Anava is explaining in general what is Teshuvah (Repentance) and that Teshuvah is not only about your actions from here and forward but also doing a Tikun (rectification) for our actions in the past

Lecture 2Matryoshka method - 44:50Free Preview

How to do Teshuvah – Class #2 – 44:50

The Matryoshka Teshuvah – In this second class of this series, Rabbi Anava is explaining a few concepts in the path of Teshuvah.

  • The difference between a ‘Ba’al Teshuvah’ and a ‘Chozer Be’Teshuvah’
  • The importance of the ‘follow up’ in your Teshuvah proccess
  • The ‘Matryoshka’ Teshuvah method of constantly refining yourself¬†

And much more valuable information.