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DateDec 1, 2016
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Kabbalah of the Jewish calendar

The teachings of Kabbalah exposes to us the mystical meaning behind the energy of each month of the Jewish calendar to help us focus on the energy of the month to benefit our spiritual growth


Section 1Tishrei - תשרי
Section 2Cheshvan - חשון
Lecture 2Turn bitterness into sweetness - 52:04
Lecture 3Practical teachings of Kabbalah - 1:08:15
Section 3Kislev - כסלו
Lecture 4Build your Emuna (Faith) - 52:17Free Preview

The month of Kislev

Build your Emuna (Faith) – 52:17

Lecture 5How to 'wake up' from the 'dream' of your life - 1:24:41
Lecture 6The power of the month of Kislev - 56:22
Lecture 7What can be achieved in the month of Kislev - 58:36
Section 4Tevet - טבת
Lecture 8How anger can be a positive thing - 1:02:43
Lecture 9Practical teachings of Kabbalah - 1:06:43
Lecture 10Practical teachings of Kabbalah - 1:09:48
Section 5Shevat - שבט
Lecture 11Practical teachings of Kabbalah - 1:00:53
Lecture 12Reaching true happiness - 49:14
Lecture 13Practical teachings of Kabbalah - 1:03:58
Section 6Adar - אדר
Lecture 14Practical teachings of Kabbalah - 1:12:31
Lecture 15Revealing the laughter in our life - 49:42
Lecture 16Increase joy and happiness - 1:04:44
Section 7Nissan - ניסן
Section 8Iyar - אייר
Lecture 18Build strong connections - 31:02
Lecture 19Practical teachings of Kabbalah - 59:08
Section 9Sivan - סיון
Section 10Tamuz - תמוז
Section 11Av - אב
Section 12Elul - אלול