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DateMar 31, 2017
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In this series of lectures Rabbi Alon Anava is covering the Topic of Purim. There are lectures about Kaballah and mysticism, stories and history.


Section 1Fast of Esther
Lecture 1Why do we fast before Purim? - 32:47
Lecture 2Laws of the fast of Esther - 49:37
Section 2Lectures
Lecture 3Insights of the month of Adar and Purim - 27:50
Lecture 4What is hidden in Megillat Esther? - 29:48
Lecture 5What is hidden in the Megila that can change your life - 1:57:29
Lecture 6The secret behind the Megila - 34:04
Lecture 7The secret of Haman and Achashverosh - 1:04:37
Section 3Inspiration
Lecture 8Happiness is a choice - 1:39:04Free Preview

Happiness is a choice – 1:39:04

Learn the secret to true happiness!

Lecture 9The key to true Happiness - 35:47
Lecture 10The secret for Bitachon (Trusting) - 1:56:26
Lecture 11Am I where I am supposed to be? - 1:17:38
Lecture 12How can I be happy? - 53:36
Lecture 13How often do you see a miracle? - 45:26
Lecture 14Our secret weapon - 55:54
Lecture 15Purim is not over till.... - 1:08:07
Section 4Kabbalah
Lecture 16The mystical teachings of this holiday - 1:18:46
Lecture 17How to break the Klip - 55:08