TypeOnline Course
DateJun 30, 2017
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In this series of lectures Rabbi Alon Anava is covering the Topic of Shavuot. There are lectures about Kaballah and mysticism, stories and history.


Section 1How to hear the voice of G-d on Shavuot - 28:27
Section 2Why do we read Megilat Ruth on Shavuot? - 26:55
Section 3Why do we eat dairy products on Shavuot? - 40:08
Section 4Shavuot - Where does the name come from? - 20:56
Section 5Megilat Ruth, Why do we read it on Shavuot? - 41:04
Section 6Receive the Torah again - 1:11:39
Section 7The mysticism of the day of Shavuot - 47:14