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DateOct 18, 2017
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Tractate Beitzah

Talmudic tractate that discusses the generic laws that apply to yom tov, Biblical holidays—which greatly differ from the Shabbat laws, as many food-preparation related activities that are forbidden on Shabbat are permitted on yom tov, as well as the more stringent laws of yom tov with regard to muktzeh–items “separated” from a person

Following the lengthy discussions of the rules and regulations of Shabbat, Yom Kippur, Pesach and Sukkot, in Masechet Beitzah we turn our attention to the general Halakhot of Jewish holidays that are not specific to one particular Yom Tov. In fact, most of the Rishonim refer to our Masechet as Yom Tov; its popular name – Beitzah – is simply the first word of the first Mishnah.


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Tractate Beitzah – Class #1

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